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FAA Approved  Mobile AATD Simulator Training at $75/hr.

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One-G Foundation Flight Simulator

Model: Cessna 172

Callsign: 51GX


FAA Approved AATD

  • Dual VOR 

  • Glideslope 

  • Garmin GTN650 GPS 

  • 3 Screen Display

  • ability to log precision and non-precision approaches.

A Bit About the Sim

The one G Foundation flight simulator is one of the latest and most value packed flight simulators on the market. It features a high resolution instrument cluster with adjust knobs, Germin's latest touchscreen GPS which is likely to take over the general aviation and flight training market for its adaptability to glass cockpit platforms found in commercial airliners.  The One-G Foundation simulator also comes with dual VOR gauges, one with a Glideslope indicator with enables students and licensed pilots the ability to shoot and log precision instrument approaches. 

Benefits of Simulator Training 

Cost Savings 


Time Per Lesson 

The cost of from zero time to ATP is typically anywhere between 80-100k. Getting your first 100 Hours in the Skyline Curriculum will reduce the total cost of training by almost $13,000 or 16%

A great benefit in our simulator training is that you will be able to get hours logged no matter that the weather is. Not only that, the weather condition of the simulator can be adjusted so you can get more experience in less than ideal flight conditions. 

Training at Fly Mobile.US not only provides a great oppourtunity to gain higher quality flight training for a lower cost in a shorter timeframe, it will also shorten the time you spend per lesson. 

Because of dispatch, paperwork, preflight and taxi, airplanes are typically rented out for 2 hour blocks. 1 hour for prep and 1 hour of flight. Training with us will eliminate the hour of prep which can be allocated back to you and your daily schedule or used for ground training time. 

Less Risk

Performance Anxieties 

tailored Education 

We all love aviation but we also know of the apparent risk. Training in the sim allows you to train while assuming less risk. This aspect is especially great for new pilots and weary parents. 

If you have not flown before, you will soon find out that all the knowledge and technical aspects of aviation aren't necessarily the most difficult aspects. Employing the knowledge and technical facility while under the pressure of performance standards and risk is the hardest part. 

beginning your training in our simulator  will give you the ability to train in a more relaxed environment where that stakes are lower as you begin to acquire skills. 

Since you will be training in more of a relaxed environment you and your instructor will obtain a better understanding of your educational needs. You will not be so focused on collision avoidance or dealing with air traffic control, but honing in on what skills you have and what skills you are lacking.  

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